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10 x 50mm Heavy Duty 4 Tonne Ratchet Straps x 10 Metres

-15% 2-3 Days 10 x 50mm Heavy Duty 4 Tonne Ratchet Straps x 10 Metres - RopeServices UK

10 x 10 Metres - 4 Tonne (4,000kg) Ready Made Ratchet Straps.

10 x 4-tonne ratchet straps complete with ratchet tensioner and claw hook. This powerful ratchet tensioner has a double lock handle and is ideal for securing/lashing a load, while the claw hook is perfect to attach to a fixing point.

This polyester webbing is 50mm wide.  ( Colour May Vary From Blue & Orange )


RopeServices UK offers these Pre-Made ratchet straps in:

4 Metres

6 Metres

8 Metres

10 Metres

12 Metres


How to use:

Thread the webbing through the gap of the closed ratchet.

Pull the polyester webbing through, this removes the slack

To tighten, start to ratchet by lowering and raising the handle


How to release:

Pull and hold the release tab on the assembly 

Pull the ratchet until it is completely open and flat

Hold the polyester webbing from the non-fixed side, and pull to release

Lastly, pull and hold the release tab on the top of the assembly to close the ratchet.

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