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10mm Draw CordBlack Polypropylene Rope 220 Metre Coil

10mm Draw CordBlack Polypropylene Rope 220 Metre Coil - RopeServices UK

10mm Draw CordBlack Polypropylene Rope x 220 Metre Coil

3 strand polypropylene rope, poly rope, or blue nylon rope as some people call it, is one of the cheapest but most popular general purpose ropes used on today's market for the widest variety of applications.


Polypropylene Rope is:

  • Tough
  • Weatherproof
  • Floats
  • Holds Knots Well
  • Hard Wearing


Polypropylene Rope is Used For

  • Towing 
  • Mooring
  • Lorry Ties
  • Holding Tarpaulins
  • Lashing Nets
  • Boating Rigging

We stock a high quantity of polypropylene rope ranging from 4mm to 32mm diameters and also offer a large variety of colours.   



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