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14mm Red Softline Multifilament Mooring Strop x 5 Metres

Out Of Stock 14mm Red Softline Multifilament  Mooring Strop x 5 Metres - RopeServices UK

14mm Red Softline Multifilament  Mooring Strop x 5 Metres


14mm 3 Strand Red Softline Multifilament Mooring Strop.

This rope will come complete with a stainless steel thimble spliced at one end and a 200mm protected soft eye spliced at the other end. The protective polyester sleeving colour may vary. 

Mooring strop allows boats to be moored to buoys. Made from a strong 3 strand Softline Multifilament rope which offers great shock absorption properties and is very flexible. 

Mooring strops should be long enough so that the chain does not hit the boat – but no longer.

RopeServices UK can manufacture mooring strops to your requirements. If you would prefer a larger/smaller eye splice, stainless thimbles or shackles, then please call for a quote.

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  • £23.95

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