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16mm Black Polypropylene 30 Metre Reel (CLEARANCE STORE) - £20.00

16mm Black Polypropylene 30 Metre Reel (CLEARANCE STORE) - RopeServices UK

16mm Black Polypropylene 30 Metre Reel (CLEARANCE STORE)

Polypropylene is a general purpose rope which is widely used in many industries including, agriculture and marine. polypropylene is a very light rope which floats. 

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Polypropylene Rope - Rope Specifications


All breaking loads and weights are an approximation. 


Rope DiameterBreaking LoadCoil LengthCoil weight
4mm285KG500 Metres3.61KG
6mm550KG220 Metres3.58KG
8mm1020KG220 Metres6.35KG
10mm1530KG220 Metres9.94KG
12mm2161KG220 Metres14.32KG
14mm2855KG220 Metres19.49KG
16mm3822KG220 Metres25.52KG
18mm4588KG220 Metres32.12KG
20mm5208KG220 Metres39.82KG
24mm8155KG220 Metres57.20KG
28mm10805KG220 Metres77.88KG
32mm13453KG220 Metres101.86KG
  • £20.00

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