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16mm Polyethylene Rope 50 Metre Reel - £45.00

16mm Polyethylene Rope 50 Metre Reel - RopeServices UK

16mm Polyethylene Rope 50 Metre Reel

Polyethylene rope is a high resistance rope which is also flexible. Ideal for use in the fishing industry. Polyethylene rope is made up of a 3 strand construction and is resistant to most acids and oils.   

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Polyethylene Rope - Rope Specifications


All breaking loads and weights are an approximation. 


Rope DiameterBreaking LoadCoil LengthCoil weight
6mm418KG220 Metres3.96KG
8mm725KG220 Metres7KG
10mm1111KG220 Metres11KG
12mm1581KG220 Metres15KG
14mm2131KG220 Metres21KG
16mm2753KG220 Metres28KG
18mm3447KG220 Metres35KG
20mm4211KG220 Metres44KG
24mm5996KG220 Metres63KG

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  • £45.00

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