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18mm Grey Braided Multifilament Rope x 100 Metre Reel

Out Of Stock 18mm Grey Braided Multifilament Rope x 100 Metre Reel - RopeServices UK

18mm Grey Braided Multifilament Rope x 100 Metre Reel

This Braided Multifilament rope is made up of a 16 Plait construction, complete with an inner core.

Braided multifilament - also known as softline, is a very strong synthetic fibred rope which has excellent shock absorption properties. This rope is waterproof, very soft and easy to handle.

This rope will also float on water and will not shrink when wet.

Multifilament rope is an excellent choice for the likes of Moorings/canal ropes, lifting pulleys, general outdoor use, gardens/decking projects, rope handrails & decoration, anchoring & theatre use.


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  • £150.00

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