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2 x 12mm Yellow Softline Multifilament Mooring Ropes x 10 Metres

2 x 12mm Yellow Softline Multifilament Mooring Ropes x 10 Metres - RopeServices UK

2 x 12mm Yellow Softline Multifilament Mooring Ropes x 10 Metres 

2 x 12mm Yellow Softline Multifilament Mooring Ropes, choose your required length.

Both ropes come complete with an 8-inch soft eye spliced at one end, other end is heat sealed and taped to prevent the rope from fraying when in use.

Softline Multifilament Rope

Softline multifilament rope is one of the most popular used ropes for moorings. This type of rope is very soft to handle and has high stretch characteristics, making it ideal for absorbing shock loads.

This type of rope is available in a wide selection of colours such as:
Red, Yellow, White, Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Olive Green, Orange, Beige, Jester.

Rope Properties:

  • Water Resistant, floats on water & zero absorption
  • High Strength & abrasion resistance
  • Soft To Handle
  • Excellent Knotability
  • Resistant to UV Radiation
  • Resistant in chemically active environments
  • Excellent insulation capacity

RopeServices UK offers Softline multifilament rope in 3 strand only. We offer these ropes in diameters from 6mm up to 24mm.

All mooring ropes are manufactured to order, so if you require longer/shorter lengths, larger/smaller soft eyes, galvanised thimbles / stainless steel thimbles, protection on rope, then please call us for a quote.

Unlike other sellers, who purchase these pre-spliced, RopeServices UK have the ability to manufacture all of our ropes to your requirements.

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  • £23.35

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