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24mm Natural Cotton Gym Rope With Tulip Fitting x 14 Metres

24mm Natural Cotton Gym Rope With Tulip Fitting x 14 Metres - RopeServices UK

24mm Natural Cotton Gym Rope With Tulip Fitting x 14 Metres


Natural Cotton gym ropes are great for toning and shaping your body. Gym ropes come complete with a tulip fitting so they can be used as climbing ropes which can be secured to a climbing frame.


Natural Cotton Rope 

3 strand natural cotton rope is a general purpose rope suitable for everyday work where a very soft textured rope is required for handling. Mostly used in applications which need a soft, smooth and easily handled rope so surface damage is non-existent. Cotton rope is widely used in gymnasiums.

Our natural cotton rope is also odour free.

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How To Use

  • Grab the rope with both hands above your head and then pull down on the rope as you take a small jump.
  • Wrap the rope around one leg, using both your feet to pinch or grip the rope.
  • Reach up as high as possible with your arms, gripping the rope tightly.
  • Release the rope from your feet as you pull yourself up with your arms, bringing your knees towards your chest.
  • Re-secure your feet on the rope, and then stand up to take another high hold on the rope.
  • Continue until you reach the top.
  • To lower yourself, loosen the grip of your feet on the rope as you slide down using a hand over hand motion. Be careful not to slide too quickly as this could burn the hands.

Muscle Groups Used

  • Primary Muscle: Biceps
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Shoulders, Forearms, Back & Abdominals
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • £145.00

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