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28mm Natural Jute Battling Rope x 15 Metres - £53.00

28mm Natural Jute Battling Rope x 15 Metres - RopeServices UK

28mm Natural Jute Battling Rope x 15 Metres


Our natural Jute battling rope is strong and durable, this makes it an excellent choice to use for fitness and training exercises. Natural Jute rope is soft to the touch with a slightly hairy texture. All of our Natural Jute Battling ropes come complete with adhesive shrink tube ends giving the user that extra grip. Our jute rope is fitted with a polypropylene inner core, this strengthens the rope and allows the user to use this rope to its maximum potential.

Although our natural jute is not the heaviest natural battling rope we offer, this is the only natural rope which will not shed fibres when in use.

If you are using this rope outdoors, please remember to soak with a clear preservative ( clear decking oil is very effective ) first. This will prevent the rope from rotting when wet.

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Natural Jute Rope - Rope Specifications


All breaking loads and weights are an approximation. 


Rope DiameterBreaking LoadCoil LengthCoil weight
6mm180KG220 Metres5.50KG
8mm490KG220 Metres8.58KG
10mm622KG220 Metres10.56KG
12mm980KG220 Metres16.94KG
14mm1734KG220 Metres25.74KG
16mm2550KG220 Metres31.68KG
18mm2958KG220 Metres36.96KG
20mm3570KG220 Metres44.66KG
24mm4488KG220 Metres61.16KG
26mm5021KG220 Metres73.70KG
30mm5712KG220 Metres90.42KG
36mm6541KG220 Metres140.58KG
40mm7140KG220 Metres151.14KG
  • £53.00

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