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28mm Natural Manila Battling Rope x 15 Metres - £69.00

28mm Natural Manila Battling Rope x 15 Metres - RopeServices UK

28mm Natural Manila Battling Rope x 15 Metres


Our grade 1 natural manila battling rope is strong and durable, this makes it an excellent choice to use for fitness and training exercises. Natural manila rope is rough to the touch with a hairy texture which can cause spelks if handled incorrectly. All of our Natural Manila Battling ropes come complete with 6-inch adhesive shrink tube ends giving the user that extra grip, and protecting the bare hands from the fibres. 

Grade 1 Natural Manila Rope is a heavy duty, strong rope that meets the needs of most trades. Manila rope is flexible, resistant to sunlight and very durable. It has very little stretch.

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Natural Manila Rope - Rope Specifications


All breaking loads and weights are an approximation. 


Rope DiameterBreaking LoadCoil LengthCoil weight
6mm295KG220 Metres4.40KG
8mm515KG220 Metres11.00KG
10mm793KG220 Metres16.40KG
12mm1130KG220 Metres23.10KG
14mm1520KG220 Metres30.80KG
16mm1967KG220 Metres41.80KG
18mm2477KG220 Metres48.40KG
20mm3038KG220 Metres60.50KG
24mm4332KG220 Metres80.00KG
28mm5830KG220 Metres117.00KG
30mm6860KG220 Metres138.00KG
32mm7554KG220 Metres154.00KG
36mm9490KG220 Metres195.80KG
40mm11620KG220 Metres242.00KG
48mm16514KG220 Metres352.00KG
  • £69.00

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