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30mm Black And Yellow Polyester Dacron Battling Rope x 15 Metres

30mm Black And Yellow Polyester Dacron Battling Rope x 15 Metres - RopeServices UK

30mm Black And Yellow Polyester Braided Dacron Battling Rope x 15 Metres


Double Braid Polyester Dacron Battling Rope is extremely tough, thanks to the double braiding process during manufacturing. These types of ropes are made up of an inner polyester core, protected by an outer polyester braided core.

These Dacron Battling ropes are braided, making them the ultimate rope for your upper body workout. Unlike 3 strand twisted ropes, these dacron ropes will not hockle after being used. These are designed to withstand even the most rigorous of training sessions. Even though this rope is tough and strong, it is soft to the touch but heavy in weight, finished with a protective polyester webbed sleeving on the rope to help relieve wear during use, making it excellent for fitness workouts. All Dacron Battling ropes come complete with adhesive shrink tube ends giving the user that extra grip.   

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  • £90.00

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