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6mm Red Softline Plain Show Rope Halter x 12ft

6mm Red Softline Plain Show Rope Halter x 12ft - RopeServices UK

6mm Red Softline Multifilament Plain Rope Halter 12ft approx finished length

Other end is tapped to prevent fraying.

We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of rope halters in the U.K

Rope halters can be made in a number of different types of rope, colours and diameters.

We also offer Black, Emerlad Green, Jester, Navy Blue, Olive, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, White and Yellow Softline Mulitifilament Rope, from diameters 6mm up to 20mm.

Head Band Size

Rope Diameter 6mm - Head Size 6 inch

Rope Diameter 8mm - Head Size 8 inch

Rope Diameter 10mm + - Head Size 15 inch

These are all hand made to order and fully customisable.

This means, if you require a longer/shorter length, longer/shorter headband, this can be done.

We also offer halters with rings, cow-bands, calving ropes, lambing ropes, lorry ropes, lead ropes and hay-nets.

We manufacture these daily, and also have the ability to mass produce these (See Picture)

We also make our agricultural ropes from nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyhemp, synthetic sisal, synthetic manila, natural sisal, and natural jute.

Our rope halters are soft to handle & easy to use with the adjustable head band.

Perfect for farm use, shows and sales

If you require any more information on our ropes, please ask via Contact Us.

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