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8mm Synthetic Polyhemp Rope x 45 Metres - £14.90

8mm Synthetic Polyhemp Rope x 45 Metres - RopeServices UK

8mm Synthetic Polyhemp Rope x 45 Metres

Synthetic Polyhemp rope has the look and feel of natural hemp. Synthetic polyhemp, also know as Hempex is weatherproof, meaning it will not shrink when wet. 

Synthetic Polyhemp is:

  • Weatherproof
  • Rot-proof
  • Does not shrink

Synthetic polyhemp rope is used for:

  • Decking
  • Barrier Ropes
  • Gym Ropes
  • Climbing
  • Boats
  • Mooring

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Synthetic Polyhemp Rope - Rope Specifications


All breaking loads and weights are an approximation. 


Rope DiameterBreaking LoadCoil LengthCoil weight
6mm361KG220 Metres3KG
8mm606KG220 Metres6KG
10mm917KG220 Metres9KG
12mm1366KG220 Metres14KG
14mm1774KG220 Metres18KG
16mm2222KG220 Metres23KG
18mm2783KG220 Metres29KG
20mm3487KG220 Metres35KG
22mm4180KG220 Metres42KG
24mm4925KG220 Metres51KG
28mm6597KG220 Metres68KG
30mm7443KG220 Metres77KG
32mm8463KG220 Metres88KG
36mm10605KG220 Metres112KG
40mm13154KG220 Metres139KG
48mm18864KG220 Metres200KG

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  • £14.90

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