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Splicing Services

Splicing Services


All splicing work is carried out by ropery trained splicers. 

RopeServices UK employs only the highest trained splicers with years of experience between them. Splicing includes but not limited to: -

  • Soft Eye Splice
  • Galvanised Thimble Eye Splice
  • Stainless Steel Thimble Eye Splice
  • Wooden Toggle Splice
  • Karabiner Splice
  • Safety Hook Splice
  • Long Splice
  • Back Splice

Along with splicing we also have the option to finish the ends of our ropes using our specially designed resin or heat shrinking tubing.  


Other Finishes We Offer

  • Taped Ends
  • Heat Sealed Ends
  • Resin Glue Dipped Ends
  • Adhesive Shrink Tubing Ends
  • Whipped Ends
  • Over Hand Knots
  • 3 Ply Man Rope Knot
  • 4 Ply Man Rope Knot
  • Monkeys Fist Knot
  • Stainless Steel & Galvanised Shackles
  • Carbine Hooks & Carabiners