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Hardy Boat Fender Ropes

Hardy Boat Fender Ropes

Hardy Boat Fenders


About Hardy Rope Fenders


Hardy Marine is a boat company who have been making boats for over 40 years. They had a range of boats which were designed with a boat fender rope wrapped around the hull of the boat, this become knows as the Hardy Boat Fender. 


Why have A Rope Fender


Hardy Boat Fenders are designed to protect the hull of the boat from knocks and damage, which is caused when docking or mooring. 




Hardy Boat Fender Ropes were originally designed using a natural coir rope, but over time, this rope would degrade and begin to rot. At RopeServices UK, we use synthetic polyhemp rope, as it looks and feels like a natural rope, but does not rot or degrade.


Synthetic Polyhemp Information:

  • Fully U.V Stabilised
  • Low Stretch
  • Soft To Handle & Feel
  • Excellent Knot Holding Ability
  • Floats On Water
  • Waterproof & Rotproof


Types Of Rope

  • Synthetic Polyhemp Rope
  • Synthetic Manila Rope
  • Synthetic Sisal Rope
  • Natural Manila Rope
  • Natural Coir Rope


Although we can offer a Natural Rope for your Hardy Rope Fender, RopeServices UK recommends that a synthetic rope is used as it will last longer and doesn't need to be treated before getting wet. If you require a traditional looking synthetic rope, then our synthetic polyhemp rope is highly recommended.




Traditionally the end of Hardy Fender Ropes were wrapped in lather, however, over time the lather starts to degrade and begins to peel.

When we manufacture these ropes, we use a specially designed heat shrink adhesive tubing which protects both the rope and the wire. 


Services We Offer


Here at RopeServices UK we can supply you with new rope for your Hardy Fender Rope. We offer a re-wiring service, just send us your old wire and we will cover it in some new rope. 


  • New Hardy Rope
  • Re-wiring Services 


What Our Customers Say


"I just wanted to let you know that the rope fender for my raging Hardy Family Pilot arrived safely today. I haven’t (and will not for a while) had an opportunity to fit it yet but it looks great and is just what I had hoped for. So very many thanks to all who made it and how refreshing it is to see something made to a top standard here in England."




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