Different Options For Bannister Rope

Different Options For Bannister Rope
Different Options For Bannister Rope

Bannister rope can help provide a secure, stylish and practical alternative to bannister rails in a range of contexts. One of the key benefits of bannister rope is that it can reduce costs in contexts such as a curved staircase where a bannister would be complex to manufacture. Similarly to choosing a bannister rail there is a wide range of different designs available for bannister ropes depending on the specific requirements of your house.

Read more below for some more information on the wide range of different options for bannister rope.


When choosing natural rope for a bannister options such as cotton, hemp and jute are popular. Synthetic options are also a popular and practical choice which can be better suited to outdoor use. The material chosen can also depend on your style aims. Materials such as natural hemp and jute offer a natural character for a bannister rope. Synthetic ropes can sometimes provide a wider range of colour options.


Whilst there is a practical component to choosing the diameter of a bannister rope this will also impact the appearance of the staircase. One benefit of choosing to purchase a range of samples is it can be helpful in choosing the best diameter for your bannister rope. Typically options between 20mm and 40mm in diameter offer the best proportions for a practical and stylish bannister rope.


The colour options available for bannister rope will typically vary depending on the rope material. For a wide range of colour options, synthetic ropes can be a popular choice. For a more natural effect, the natural colour options in cotton, hemp and jute rope are popular. Once you have chosen a colour to match your design needs it is important to choose high-quality accessories. Choosing the right mounts for your bannister rope is a key step to achieving the best outcome. Overall, natural hardwood mounts provide a durable and practical option that matches a wide range of colours and styles.

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At RopeServices UK we have a wide range of stylish and practical options for bannister ropes. It can be challenging to decide on the best option for your home which is why a useful first step can be ordering some rope samples to see how each option would look alongside your staircase. Explore our range of samples today with the option to choose any 3 for £15. For more information on our range of bannister ropes, get in touch today by calling +44 191 584 2709 or emailing [email protected].

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