FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a Barrier rope used for?

A barrier rope is most commonly used for blocking off an area or creating a queueing system, but the applications are endless.  Rope Services UK stocks handmade to order barrier ropes in a variety of colours, thicknesses and materials.

2) How do you use a battling rope?

Battling ropes are used for a full body workout, helping to pack on lean mass. The classic exercise is the battling rope waves, holding the ends of the rope at arm’s length and alternatively raising and lowering each arm explosively. For more on fitness and battle ropes, check out our handy blog post.

3) Where can I buy boat rope UK?

Rope Services UK is proud to stock a range of marine ropes perfect for boats. This includes nylon mooring ropes, polyester fender lines and docklines in a variety of colours, diameters and lengths.

4) What is the difference between synthetic and cotton rope?

Synthetic rope is made by braiding one or more synthetic materials together, creating a strong and durable lightweight rope. Cotton rope on the other hand is a natural rope made of natural fibres. They can wear out more easily but are great if you want an all-natural option.

5) Are there different types of decking rope?

Like most other rope types, decking rope is a very versatile product. It can be in a variety of colours, diameters ranging from 4mm to 60mm and made of a range of synthetic and natural materials.

6) What are decking rope fittings?

Decking rope fittings are versatile products that will add a great finish to any decking ropes you’re using. This could be hook rope fittings to attach your rope to a pole, or an end cap rope fitting to stylishly cover the end of your piece of rope.

7) Where can I buy an exercise rope from?

If you’re looking for exercise ropes, shop with Rope Services UK. We have a  great selection of products, from tug of war ropes and battling ropes, to pull up ropes and even gym rope accessories.

8) What tow rope do you sell?

Our tow ropes are specially designed to help with the recovery and towing of vehicles. Our 3 strand nylon recovery rope is so popular and reliable, it’s even been seen on Top Gear and The Grand Tour!

9) Where can I buy a rope handrail bracket?

Shop with Rope Services UK for standard handrail brackets in a range of colours and diameters. If you’re looking for something more discreet, we also have a great selection of low profile handrail brackets.

10) What is a kinetic tow rope used for?

Our 8 strand nylon kinetic recovery tow rope can be used to assist in awkward recoveries with limited space, using the huge amount of elasticity it has. Its name comes from how the energy is created, allowing it to disperse out the sides instead of being stored in the length.

11) Do you sell natural rope?

Yes, we stock a great selection of natural ropes in various colours and materials. This includes cotton, hemp, manila and sisal.

12) How do I use a recovery strap?

A recovery strap is a great way to move or tow a vehicle if it is in an unsafe area. You simply stretch your recovery strap between the two vehicles and it will work to pull the trapped vehicle and return to its original size. Shop recovery ropes today.

13) What thickness of red rope do you sell?

Rope Services Ltd like to provide our customers with a great selection of rope in every colour, including red. Our red rope can come in a wide variety of thicknesses depending on the type, from 2mm all the way up to 50mm.

14) Where can I buy a tug of war rope?

When looking for a tug of war rope, shop with Rope Services UK today. We have a range of tug of war ropes available in both natural and synthetic fibres.

15) Are there different types of winch rope?

Rope Services UK stocks various recovery ropes that can be used as winch cables. Our silver Dyneema winch line is designed for maximum hold during off-roading activities or our kinetic recovery rope is ideal for instances where you need to disperse the stored energy easily.