Different Types Of Recovery Rope

Different Types Of Recovery Rope

There is a range of considerations for choosing different types of recovery rope. Some of the most common types of rope used when recovering vehicles include recovery tow ropes, winch lines, and towing straps.

Kinetic ropes offer a practical option for dispersing the energy and reducing the load on towing equipment. Tow straps can provide a viable alternative for less intensive towing jobs. Available in a wide range of lengths, the range of options available for towing ropes means they can be purchased to closely suit your towing and recovery requirements.

For more information on the different options for recovery ropes, read more below.

Nylon Tow Ropes

Nylon tow ropes are popular as a durable, hard-wearing option for recovery ropes. These rope should be used for towing on a standard UK road and should be no longer than 4.5m.

The absorbent quality of nylon is beneficial for recovery use from a range of standpoints. In addition to meaning that the material lasts longer, this is also beneficial for recovery equipment as it will reduce the force applied on towing gear when accelerating.

For nylon ropes, more tightly-wound ropes are stronger. Kinetic ropes with soft eyes spliced at the ends provide an easy-to-use option and practical option for towing vehicles.

Winch Lines

Winch lines are a type of rope called Dyneema, which is widely accepted as the world’s strongest, lightest rope fibre. It is 15 times stronger, yet 8 times lighter, than steel wire rope, which was previously used in winch lines. This means that Dyneema winch lines are strong enough for heavy-duty towing jobs, but are easier to handle than other rope materials.

Winch lines made of Dyneema are also less likely to need regular replacement than their steel wire counterparts, with minimal corrosion and ability to withstand being overlapped, crushed, or kinked making them a reliable and durable option.

Whilst nylon tow ropes provide great elasticity, winch lines can be better suited to more heavy-duty towing jobs such as recovering vehicles that are stuck in mud. Once the vehicle is unstuck, the winch line can be changed to a 3-strand nylon tow rope for use on roads, as is often the standard practice in the UK.

Tow Strap

For smaller and less-intensive towing jobs, tow straps can provide a viable option. Whereas nylon kinetic tow ropes can be used to help recover cars if they are stuck, tow straps are better suited to instances where a vehicle is moving freely. As a more compact option, towing straps offer a reliable and long-lasting towing solution suited to meet a wide range of requirements for vehicle towing and recovery.

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