Four stylish uses for the rope around the home

When we think of rope, we tend to think of its outdoor uses. Decking rope, marine rope, tug of war, exercise ropes… the list goes on. We think we know rope. However what most people often forget is that rope has been used for centuries inside the home and has numerous useful and stylish ways that it can be used in your house.

Natural rope furniture

Natural rope makes great rustic decorations for your furniture. Using natural or cotton rope you can make your own version of the super popular rope-covered tables, stools, or ottomans that you can buy for an expensive price from many stores. Simply take a tire and put a piece of board over the opening. Coiling natural rope around the tire, using a hot glue gun as you go. Seal it with a wood finisher and voila you have your own natural rope furniture.

You can do the same thing with table legs in your kitchen, dining room or coffee table. Take  thick rope and coil it around a centre stand or use thinner rope around four table legs for a natural rope embellishment that looks great. You can complete the look by creating rope chairs.  Just take an existing chair frame and some thick natural rope and weave it between the top and bottom of the chair.

Natural rope lighting

Natural rope lighting is a  really easy way to add a rustic look to your kitchen or bedroom. To decorate the ceiling lamp, you can easily wind some rope around the cord of your existing light fittings. This will create a new, budget friendly look.

If you want to improve a plain lampshade, simply coil a thin rope around the lampshade, using a glue gun to make it stick. Your other option is to use cotton rope to create an adorable lamp base. Make a manrope knot and glue in place at the base with your hot glue gun to create a lovely new lamp for your bedroom.

Natural rope decorations

Anything that you can hang, you can hang with rope. Natural rope can be used as an instagram worthy way to hang your shelves or pictures on the wall creating a natural rope rustic look. If you’re someone who enjoys gardening and likes to have plants indoors you can use cotton rope to create a macrame plant pot holder that you can hang in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Natural rope isn’t only limited to hanging your decorations. You can also take on an easy DIY project and replace handles with rope. You can do this on anything that has a handle – for example bedside chest of drawers, baskets or even trays. Simply thread the rope through the brackets and then tie in a large sturdy knot to create the handle. Be sure to burn the end of the rope in order to seal it.

Cotton rope pet toys

Rope is a classic toy for pets! You can easily create a chew toy for your dog by tying some cotton rope into a loop or just in two knots on each end. Natural rope is best for your animals as it is free from any toxic chemicals that could be dangerous for them. Natural rope is also a great alternative to a dog lead. All you need is a length of rope – long or short depending on your preference – and then create a loop at one end that you can use as a handle. Tie the other end to your dog’s collar and you have created your very own natural rope dog lead.

If you’re more of a cat person, it’s really easy to make a cat-scratching post. Take any piece of wood or cardboard tube and wrap rope around it. Use a thin line of glue to help keep the rope in place.

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