From Gin Wheels To Winch Line: The Ultimate Guide To Practical Rope Use

At RopeServices UK, we provide a complete range of industrial ropes, from decking ropes and fittings to marine ropes and recovery ropes, we’re proud to offer such a wide range of practical ropes across the UK. Knowing which rope is most appropriate for your use, however, can be difficult, particularly if you are inexperienced or new to the industry!

Here, we provide a complete guide to practical rope use, offering in-depth, expert insight into a range of different ropes, highlighting their key applications and all-important benefits. From gin wheels to winch lines, we provide the ultimate guide to practical rope use.

Choosing Your Practical Rope

When choosing your practical rope, it’s important to first understand the application in which you intend to use it. This will provide you with a much clearer idea of what type of rope is needed, whether it should be made of natural or synthetic fibres and how much strength or resistance is required. Below, we outline the many different types of practical rope supplied by RopeServices UK that are used across a range of applications and industries to help you determine which practical rope is most suited for your specific needs.

Gin Wheels

One of the simplest forms of scaffolding hoists, a gin wheel is a basic pulley device that connects to a scaffold tube. Using a long rope that runs up and around the pulley device to create an easy hand-operated and controlled hoist system known as a gin wheel or scaffold pulley. Generally speaking, the vast majority of scaffolds require a specific way of raising materials to the desired working height, with gin wheels offering one of the safest and most straightforward solutions in this area. Simple to affix and to use, gin wheels are a practical, easy and effective choice for lifting your scaffold tubes and timber.

Tow Ropes

Extremely heavy-duty lengths of rope designed specifically to tow and recover heavy equipment, tow ropes, (unlike tow straps, wire rope cables or recovery kinetic ropes), are made from actual rope, twisted and braided in either natural or synthetic fibres. Each end of the rope will terminate in either braided loops, hooks, shackles or clevises spending on the vehicle they are attached to. Applications typically include general towing, particularly for recovering stuck vehicles, boat towing, aircraft and industrial use, and even watersports.

Whilst most traditional tow ropes are made from natural fibres, it has become increasingly common for tow ropes to be made from synthetic fibres. Composed of a variety of materials, synthetic tow ropes offer a greater stretch, break strength, abrasion resistance and more.

Winch Line

Winch line, (sometimes simply referred to as winch rope), is a specialist, specifically designed type of heavy rope used solely in the operation of winches. Not designed to wind around the winch drum, the winch line instead passes through the winch drive, pulling through and exiting through the winch rear. Winch line is generally preferred to steel cable for winch operation as it’s considered lighter, more flexible and safer, with synthetic fibres ensuring the line remains incredibly strong and resistant to breakage.

Due to the winch rope being pulled through the winch and exciting at the rear, the excess winch line will simply pile up behind your winch, which can then be coiled and tied up neatly in a bundle after you’ve finished winching. This ensures your winch is lighter and easier to use, compared with typical alternatives, as well as improving safety as the synthetic cable prevents the bends and kinks common with steel that are known to fray and injure the skin.

Kinetic Recovery Ropes

Kinetic recovery ropes offer incredible elasticity that allows users additional movement in difficult recoveries, such as recoveries taking place in areas of unsettled or uneven ground; such as ditches or embankments. Kinetic recovery ropes are termed as such as they offer stored kinetic energy to be dispersed at either end of the rope. Constructed from nylon, the kinetic towing rope has the ability to stretch up to 30% further than its original length.

Kinetic recovery ropes are relatively safe and easy to use, whether you need to recover off-road vehicles, everyday drivers, farming equipment, or commercial vehicles. Our 8 strand nylon kinetic recovery tow rope can be used to assist in awkward recoveries with limited space, using the huge amount of elasticity it has.

Webbing Slings

Designed, much like most industrial slings, to assist in the lifting of heavy objects or equipment, webbing slings are a soft alternative to steel ropes and chains ensuring the load will not be damaged. Typically composed of polyester, webbing slings are lightweight and far easier to use than steel or wire alternatives ensuring that the attachment and removal of objects or equipment are significantly easier. incredibly versatile, webbing slings are utilised across a number of applications, including towing vehicles, making them especially useful in the event of a breakdown.

Webbing slings are also commonly used to remove vehicles that have become stuck in mud or snow, or for climbing protection for those taking part in mountain climbing. Generally, webbing slings are designed to be used with lighter loads, (though only slightly), than chain or wire slings, or webbing slings attached with ratchet straps, but this is an impact of their versatility more than anything.

Ratchet Straps

A ratchet strap, (sometimes referred to as a tie-down strap or lashing strap), is a piece of fastening equipment that is specifically used to hold down heavy or large cargo during transportation. Similar to webbing slings, yet attached with tie-down hardware, this hardware is what is used to strap or “tie down” your cargo, ratchet straps typically offer a method of tensioning your strap for additional security.

Long-lasting, incredibly durable and highly versatile, ratchet straps ensure your cargo is safe, secure and in excellent condition after transportation.

What Next?

Now you have a much clearer understanding of the different types of practical rope used for a number of different applications, you can make firm decisions on which rope is best for you. Whether you require a synthetic winch line for your heavy-duty electric winch, natural rope for your decking, or elesaticated recovery ropes for your commercial vehicle, at RopeServices UK we have all the solutions.

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