From Mooring Lines To Towing: What To Consider When Buying Boat Rope

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From ropes used to secure small boats in place, to mooring lines ideal for a brand new motor yacht, boat ropes are essential for vessel owners, ensuring safety, security and convenience. When purchasing a rope or multiple ropes for your boat, you will want to be sure that the provider is reliable, and the products they sell are both affordable and versatile. At RopeServices UK, we understand that every customer has different needs, which is why we endeavour to offer unique solutions with traditional and modern fibre ropes, durable twines, as well as long-lasting cordage products. Sourcing and distributing bespoke cut and spliced rope, we maintain a crucial service for not only boat owners and those who enjoy navigating the open waters in their free time, but also individuals and large companies operating in the marine industry.

Interested in learning more about boat rope, and the practical use of our products? Read on for a comprehensive guide.

Varied Requirements

Though rope may seem like one of the most basic and uniform utilities you’re likely to use in any industry, there are actually an array of different types, required for diverse requirements both common and specialist. Know what material you’re looking for before making any spontaneous decisions – bearing in mind that our specialist team will be on-hand to help you match your requirements to the ideal rope product. Whether docking your boat has become an issue, you need a reliable product for controlling the sails of your vessel, or accurate mooring is necessary, we maintain a large local selection for your absolute convenience.

If roping is liable to be left in the sun for long periods, you should always account for UV ray resistance so the state of your chosen product doesn’t decline over a short period of time. On the other hand, a length of rope which is sun-resistant but lacks a stretchable exterior might be the wrong choice for anchoring. In need of roping which floats above the surface instead of sinking out of view? Again, the properties of different materials and finishes will vary, so keep this in mind when choosing.

The Purpose Of Your Boat Rope

We take the security and safety of your boat extremely seriously, which is just one of the reasons why we stock an ever-growing number of reliable products for specialist application. Not simply offering generic items for sale, from fender lines in a range of colours and finishes, to polyester docklines, we can deliver high-quality branded products to worldwide locations. Check below for the specifics, and be sure to browse the corresponding product section via our online catalogue:


Varying in diameter, length and inclusion of additional features, all docklines from RopeServices UK are strong and elasticated, with shock-absorbent properties for resistance to force. Docklines are required when it comes to keeping your boat where you have secured it, and away from other vessels, preventing damage to other boats as well as your own. Knowing how to properly use the lines, and learning basic dockside courtesy will go a long way, but you will also benefit from rope products which keep your boat in place, and don’t decline due to poor weather or long-term sunlight exposure. Variable in diameter and colour, our abrasion-resistant double braid polyester docklines are inexpensive and fantastic for long-term use.

Fender Lines And Ropes

Protect the exterior of your boat with adjustable and secure fender lines. Used to hold a protective fender (or bumper) in place, a vessel with unreliable fender ropes will be left vulnerable to damage from collisions with other boats and surfaces, potentially resulting in costly repairs. Our synthetic polyhemp fender ropes are fully UV stabilised, with a soft texture, low stretch, and waterproof, rotproof exterior. traditional in appearance, yet benefiting from a selection of modern features which have been perfected over time, learn more about Hardy boat fender ropes on our website.

Mooring Ropes And Straps

Though the processes of mooring and docking may seem remarkably similar, mooring varies in that it involves the lassoing, tying, tethering or securing of your boat to a fixed object, which may include mooring buoys, pillars and piers. Whereas docklines are best used for pulling your vessel up to a dock in a parallel manner, using the ropes to secure and fasten the boat in place, mooring ropes and straps are adaptable to the surface you’re dealing with. Colour and diameter options provide plenty of flexibility, while you can select the size of soft eye when you purchase from us. All of our mooring ropes are manufactured to order, so if you require longer or shorter lengths, different soft eyes, or protection on the rope, call us on +44 (191) 584 2709.

Strength, Coating And Weather Resistance

Of the important attributes to consider when acquiring boat rope, your decision will ultimately rest on the purpose you would like it to serve. Preferably, your made-to-measure roping will be strong, light, and water repellent, so it won’t get heavier and more difficult to hold or carry when wet. The rope cover will also be designed for handling and comfort ideally, ensuring it is not rough on the palms of your hands, or likely to cause too much friction. Regardless of opting for nylon, polyester, or alternative material choices, our reliable provision of boat ropes and lines will always account for the latest developments and customer demand. Just look at our ‘about us’ page for an insight into the benefits of purchasing from us, as well as information on our recent history and achievements.

Durable Rope For Varied Needs

At RopeServices UK we continue to expand our range of roping, providing customers with solutions for everything from decorative garden ropes, to fitness ropes which can set you on your way for Summer 2022 and beyond. With appealing coloured and patterned designs to suit particular aesthetics, and practical multifunctional accessories, take a look at our themed website sections with guidance from the overviews below:


Our agricultural roping is ideal for use in a greenhouse or plant shed, with a durable hazard-free design, variable product diameters, and waterproof flexible surface. Set up your garden area with ease and secure your fruit and veg with soft yet functional twines.

Home Decoration

Designed to be easy on the eye, home decoration ropes from our range exhibit the very best craftsmanship, and can provide an ideal touch of creativity to a newly refurbished property. Cotton bannister ropes are a unique and desirable addition to the modern home, while regal barrier ropes can be used to spruce up the garden area.


From the use of rope in a home design, to the importance of roping within industrial contexts, lifting ropes can be attached to lorries for a helping hand, while we even provide attachable ratchet straps and slings at industry-beating prices.

Lifestyle And Fitness

Rope remains a useful addition to the home gym or general activity setting, and can serve purposes as varied as being used for skipping, to being attached at-height and climbed. Organising a tug-of-war at a school sports day? Or marking out boundaries for a cricket match? We have you covered.

RopeServices UK: Acquire Your Ideal Marine Rope Or Mooring Lines

Formed in 1991, RopeServices UK are an established company based in the North East of England in Houghton-le-Spring. Specialising in the manufacture and supply of traditional ropes, modern fibre ropes, as well as twines and cordage products, we aim to constantly update our range. A long-standing background in the rope making and cordage industry places us as your local experts. From bannister ropes, to marine ropes, fitness ropes and recovery ropes, if you require a specific type of rope, we’re likely to stock it.

Our industry knowledge allows us to select products of trusted quality, which includes natural and synthetic fibre cordage, as well as personalised cutting and splicing for your every need. Product quality is evidenced by our growing reputation, and we remain committed to the production of goods which are guaranteed to meet your standards. Do you require something out of the ordinary? Perhaps a towing strap of a particular length, or a coloured reel of rope? Please telephone or email our office at your convenience.

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