How Decking Rope Can Transform Your Garden

Decking rope is one of the most sustainable forms of rope available on the market, especially when it is made out of synthetic polyhemp – which is highly UV resistant and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions that ultimately prevent it from shrinking or rotting over time.

Here at Rope Services UK, we offer a selection of high-quality decking ropes, including synthetic polyhemp and natural jute rope – an easy to handle rope which is extremely durable thanks to its polypropylene core – amongst others. All of our decking rope is affordable, versatile and has an authentic look, making it ideal for outdoor use – especially in your garden, where you can use it to elevate the appearance of your space and protect your furnishings and plants.

1.  Decking Protection

If your decking is looking a bit drab and you want to revitalise it, synthetic polyhemp decking rope is a great choice due to its ability to withstand UV rays and rain water. It can be easily attached to wooden posts to create the perfect visual, whilst also acting as a sturdy barrier for surrounding a seating area or even to protect your plants.

Please note that you should always wait for your rope to arrive before drilling holes in posts and so on, as rope can marginally vary in diameter. If you are feeding rope through a post, you should always drill a much larger hole than you think you need. For example, if you have 32mm rope, you would drill a 36mm hole, as it prevents the rope from bunching up as you feed it through.

2.  Lawn Edging

Natural manila rope can be used to elevate your garden’s aesthetic, especially if it’s quite small, as it can help to make it feel larger. For example, it can be used to section off your lawn from your path, creating the illusion of more space.

Manila rope can last for up to a decade in some cases, though it’s worth noting that you’ll need to apply decking oil annually in order to make it weather-resistant and prevent shrinkage, expansion and rotting. Once treated with protective decking oil, it is considered the best, most durable rope for outdoor use, meaning that your lawn edging won’t have to be replaced in a hurry.

3.  Something For the Family

If you’re looking for ideas to build an affordable but high-quality play area for your children to enjoy, a rope swing is a great way to quickly make your garden child-friendly. Synthetic polyhemp rope is the best material to use for rope swings – it’s soft to handle, meaning that your kids won’t receive any nasty burns whilst playing, and its weather durability means that it can be enjoyed all year round whatever the weather.

Looking For High-Quality Decking Rope at a Competitive Price?

Here at Rope Services UK, we offer a vast array of decking rope, all of which have their own unique features that can be used for a variety of applications. Choose from a number of sizes, materials and colours to suit your specific requirements and tastes. We also supply rope for bannisters, marine and fitness purposes. For more information about any of our products, please get in touch today.

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