Recovery Ropes: What Are They And How Do They Work?

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As a vehicle owner or driver, breaking down or becoming stranded in the countryside may not be something you consider on a regular basis, and why should you? With modern cars becoming more and more reliable, malfunctions and breakdowns are less common than they once were. However, it is foolish to think that I can’t or won’t happen; if there is one thing worse than breaking down or getting stuck, it’s being unprepared.

Here in the UK, the RAC attends over 2.5 million roadside assistance callouts per year. While roadside recovery services are a necessity at times, they can be costly; keeping the correct equipment onboard your vehicle could save you time and money.

One piece of equipment that can prove to be a real life-sa

ver is a recovery rope of some sort.

Here at Rope Services UK, we’ve put together a brief guide to the types of recovery rope available and their benefits.

Read on to find out more.

Types of Recovery Rope

Keeping a recovery rope in your vehicle is a sensible idea for numerous reasons. Not only does it provide you with a means of getting vehicles back on the road from ditches, deeper mud and breakdowns, but it also allows you to help others in similar situations.

That said, knowing which type of recovery ropes are available and which to choose is important.

Kinetic Recovery Ropes

First on our list are kinetic recovery ropes. This type of rope, which is sometimes referred to as a snatch rope, is designed to smoothly transfer the energy of the recovering vehicle to the vehicle in need of assistance. As the name suggests, kinetic recovery ropes are designed to absorb and transfer the kinetic energy of the towing vehicle, providing a smooth and very powerful pull that is ideal for ditch recovery.

Tow Ropes & Straps

Next on our list is a more traditional approach to recovery. Tow ropes and tow straps do exactly what they say on the tin, attaching from one vehicle to another and enabling a clean tow. These pieces of kit are better suited for towing vehicles on roads as the force is consistent, as opposed to the stretch offered by a kinetic recovery rope.

Winch Lines

The third variation of recovery rope we’ll cover is the winch line. These hardwearing recovery ropes are waterproof, buoyant, lightweight and incredibly durable. Designed for use in a variety of conditions, winch lines have applications across many industries, from shipping and marine trades to vehicle recovery and towing.

Rope Services UK: Your Trusted Supplier

No matter your rope-related needs, whether you require a kinetic recovery rope, towing straps or a winch line, we’ve got you covered.

Contact the team here at Rope Services UK to discuss your requirements and find the rope you need!

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