Uses for Decking Rope

Decking rope is simply a natural rope that may or may not have a resistant core. It can be used for many things, so if you’re wondering what to do with your decking rope, we can provide a few ideas.

Rope Handrails

If you want to add a unique look to your home, try using decking rope for rope handrails. This can really give you a rustic or nautical look. It also provides excellent grip, whether you stretch it tight or let it loop.

Decorative Projects

Planning an art project involving rope? Decking rope may be used indoors or out and it coils nicely if you are working on rope art or creating a rug that will be used on the porch. While most decking rope is natural coloured, you can use brightly coloured string with it to create a more colourful look.


Rope has many purposes in landscaping. It can be used to hang planters from tree branches, wrap decoratively around gazebo columns, or you can use it to create low-level barriers. Attaching the rope to low posts around flower beds gives you a simple method of keeping people off the flowers and it looks nice still.

Securing Purposes

Need to tie something together? Decking rope is ideal for this purpose. It comes in different strengths and thicknesses to suit your needs. You can easily tie wood pieces together, hang items or any other securing need you have. As long as you know your knots, you should be able to use rope easily.

Marine Ties

If you have a boat, you know how important marine ropes are. Decking rope is particularly well suited to coiling and tying your boat to the pier, but it is also useful on deck. Whether you’re running lines to a sail or rudder, you’ll need a sturdy, reliable rope, which is exactly what decking rope is. It can provide you with everything you need on your boat or pier.

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