What to Look for in a Recovery Rope

What to Look for in a Recovery Rope
What to Look for in a Recovery Rope

A tow rope is something every driver should have in their vehicle. It’s useful for more than just towing, but if your vehicle or someone else’s is stuck in a ditch, has broken down, or simply needs to be moved from one point to another while non-functional, the recovery rope will be extremely useful.

Which recovery rope should you choose for your needs? There are several options on the market, ranging from actual ropes to straps. Here’s what you should look for in a recovery rope:


There are two main lengths required for a tow rope. Towing on the road requires a 4.5-metre rope. However, for a recovery rope, which is used to pull vehicles from difficult places, you should opt for a 6-metre rope. This gives you enough space to really pull on the rope and ensure the vehicle pulls out of the ditch or wherever it is stuck.


Most tow ropes are nylon, as this provides plenty of durability, as well as shock absorption. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, as well, so you can determine which thickness is best. Nylon is one of the most flexible options available and beats its competitors when it comes to shock absorption.

Another option is polysteel, which is slightly weaker than nylon but retains its strength in wet conditions, which nylon may not. This makes it great for outdoor applications. Polysteel is also fairly low-stretch in comparison to nylon, which offers a whole range of unique advantages – for example, it is ideal for uses involving awnings, flagpoles, and bundle ties.


How much shock absorption or give is included in the rope? If you are pulling a vehicle out of a difficult place, there will often be jerks that can be detrimental to both vehicles. Using the right recovery rope will help prevent possible damage.


How much can a rope handle? The simplest way to determine this is to look at the rating for the rope. If you aren’t sure, you can ask the company to clarify. You should know what your vehicle weighs in order to purchase the correct rope, but be sure to round the estimate up for security.

If you’re looking for the best tow rope available, Rope Services UK has what you’re looking for. From polysteel to nylon, our recovery ropes are available in a range of sizes and strengths.

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