Winter-Ready Livestock: The Ultimate Guide to Polysteel Scraper Ropes

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Winter-Ready Livestock: The Ultimate Guide to Polysteel Scraper Ropes

As the winter season approaches, ensuring the impeccable condition of your livestock shed scraper becomes paramount. Livestock shed scrapers play a pivotal role in maintaining clean cubicles and feed passages, ensuring the hygiene, safety, and welfare of your herd.
Despite their effectiveness, the reality is that the scraper rope won’t last forever. Continuous coiling around the drum, coupled with exposure to wet and damp conditions, leads to inevitable wear and tear. So, the question arises – do you return to the manufacturer or explore potentially better options?
Here at RopeServices UK, a leading online specialist in ropes, we believe we have the ideal replacement for your scraper rope needs: the 16mm, 18mm, 20mm Polysteel rope, available by the metre or in a full 220-metre coil.

4 Compelling Reasons to Choose Our Polysteel for Your Livestock Shed Scraper:

1 – Strength: Polysteel, a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene, boasts exceptional strength – approximately 25-30% stronger than its individual components. Despite lacking actual steel, it lives up to its namesake, offering a high minimum breaking load. Even when wet, it retains its remarkable strength, crucial for effective slurry management.
2 – Durability: Manufactured in Europe to EN ISO 14687: 2004 standards, our polysteel rope is of the highest quality. Resistant to rot, mildew, urine, and manure, it’s trample-proof with superior abrasion resistance. Designed for longevity, it often outlasts commercial grade manufactured ropes.
3 – Safety: When it comes to safety, Polysteel is the perfect candidate. 100% animal-friendly, gentle on hooves, and free from adverse effects on your herd’s health, it ensures a cleaner, safer environment for your cattle.
4 – Affordability: Compared to expensive original manufacturer options, our green polysteel rope is a highly economical choice. Currently priced at just £1.05 per metre, it offers excellent value for money without compromising on performance.
Prepare Your Rope Scraper for Winter: Winter is approaching, and it’s time to ensure your livestock shed scraper is up to the task. Don’t pay over the odds or make do with worn-out ropes. Polysteel is the tried-and-tested choice of savvy dairy farmers, guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness in keeping your livestock shed clean. Still unsure if it’s the right choice for you?
Explore the reliability, durability, safety, and affordability of our polysteel rope – the winter-ready solution for your livestock shed scraper. Order now and equip your operation with the best for a season of optimal performance.

Continuing the Journey with Our Polysteel Scraper Ropes: Size Matters!

Break Load Breakdown:
To truly understand the prowess of our polysteel scraper ropes, let’s delve into the specifics. We offer three versatile sizes, each tailored to cater to varying needs:
16mm Approximate Break Load: 3550 kg’s
18mm Approximate Break Load: 4250 kg’s
20mm Approximate Break Load: 5150 kg’s
These impressive break loads showcase the robustness and reliability that our polysteel ropes bring to the table. Whether you’re dealing with daily tasks or more demanding winching operations, our ropes are up to the challenge.


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